Which of the following Dams is built on the Betwa River?

By K Balaji|Updated : December 3rd, 2022

1. Rihand Dam

2. Rajghat Dam

3. Lavkush Dam

4. Sharda Barrage

Rajghat dam is constructed on the Betwa River. It is an inter-state dam project which involved Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Betwa river is a tributary of the Yamuna. It originates from Vindhya Range (Raisen) in Madhya Pradesh. The river meets the Yamuna river in the Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The Rajghat dam was built on it to facilitate better irrigation practices and improve the quality of drinking water.

Dam on Betwa River

Rajghat Dam is located on the Betwa River which is one of the tributaries of the Yamuna river. Rajghat dam is a joint project of the governments of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The dam is constructed on the Betwa River about 22 km from Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh and 14 km from Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. The Rajghat dam is built with the intention of solving various purposes. The dam has been built with the larger view in mind of bringing the facilities of food, water and irrigation to the concerned states.

Betwa River: Key Points

Betwa river is mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. It flows in the northeast direction from Madhya Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh. It flows through various cities such as Vidisha and Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh; and Orchha and Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh.

  • INS Betwa frigate in the Indian Navy has been named in honour of this river.
  • Another dam project undertaken by the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh is the construction of the Matatila Dam.


Which of the following dams is built on the Betwa River? (1) Rihand Dam (2) Rajghat Dam (3) LavKush Dam (4) Sharda Barrage

Betwa River has many dams on it and one of them is Rajghat Dam. It is a river in northern and central India. It flows through Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The other dams that are constructed on the Betwa river are Matatila Dam, Parichha Dam, Dhurwara Dam, and Halali Dam. 

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