On Which River is the Rengali Dam Constructed?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Rengali Dam is constructed across the Brahmani River in Rengali village of Angul district, Odisha. It was built in 1985 to store river water for irrigation and power generation. The Rengali Dam is 70.5M long and 1040M wide, which creates the second-largest reservoir in Odisha State. It covers 25,250 square KM of forest and wasteland. Initially, it was opposed by the local people.

Rengali Dam on Which River

Many environmentalists raised concerns about the impact on natural habitats and the environment due to the Rengali Dam on the Brahmani River. The dam reduced the quantity of fresh water in the Bhitarkanika Mangroves. Due to this, they expected that when the Rengali Dam works with full force in 2025, many unique species of trees will disappear.

The Mangroves need salt and fresh water to survive as they have several helpful minerals for trees and the ecosystem, but the industries and dams reduced the quantity. The mangroves of Bhittarkanika are famous for the Indian python, King cobra, and many other species. It is the second-largest mangrove in India.

After the study conducted by the scientist of IMMT and SPARC, they submitted the report with a result. According to them, the flow of Brahmani River water is decreasing due to electricity and industrial use. It is hitting the Forrest negatively.

Facts About Construction of Rengali Dam

The key points about Rengali Dam are as follows:

  • The Reservoir of Rengali Dam can hold up to 3412 million cubic meters of water.
  • It generates 250MW of electricity by using 5 turbines.
  • 10,700 families were replaced from the location as the Rengali Dam projected on the Brahmani River,
  • A barrage constructed on the Brahmani River is used to store the flood released from the dam and divert it into two different channel systems for irrigation.


On Which River is the Rengali Dam Constructed?

Rengali is a village in Angul district Odhisa where the Rengali Dam is located on the Brahmani river. The water holding capacity of the dam is in second place after the Hirakund Dam is built across Mahanadi in the state. It is around 250 km away from the capital Bhuvaneshwar. Currently, 10.8 Lakh people are protected from a flood, and nearly 2.78 lakh hectares of land are using the water for irrigation. Also, the government is getting direct revenue from Rengali Dam, about 6.65 crores.

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