What was the Swaraj for the Plantation Movement?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

Workers interpreted Mahatma Gandhi's call for Swaraj in diverse ways. For plantation workers in Assam, the concept of Swaraj meant maintaining their connection to their home villages and having the freedom to enter and exit the confined area where they were employed. In this post, we will get an insight into the swaraj for the plantation movement.

Swaraj for the Plantation Movement

Before leaving the tea garden, plantation employees had to get authorization. Additionally, it was uncommon for plantation laborers to receive permission to leave. According to the Inland Emigration Act of 1859, this regulation was implemented. All the employees disobeyed the law and authorities by fleeing the plantations without permission as soon as they learned about the Non-Cooperation Movement and made their way to their hamlet.

The plantation workers thought they would receive land in their villages under Gandhi Raj. These plantation laborers, however, were unable to get where they were going. Due to a strike that the steamers and railways called, they were left stranded. Police officers apprehended plantation laborers, who were then violently abused. Congress did not, however, define the goals of these movements. The idea of Swaraj was viewed differently by plantation workers.

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  • Gandhi also refers to the Indian people's home rule or self-government as swaraj. He does, however, make it apparent that swaraj, which he defines as "self-rule" for each Indian, and swaraj, which he describes as "home-rule" or "self-government" for all Indians, have a mutually beneficial connection.

  • For the plantation laborers, "swaraj" signified the freedom to enter and exit the small confines and travel to their home villages. After the Non-Cooperation Movement got underway, the employees disobeyed the bosses, abandoned the plantation, and returned to their communities.

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