What are Multipurpose Projects Popularly Called?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Multipurpose projects are popularly called Dams. Projects that carry out more than one purpose are called Multipurpose projects. Dams are built to capture rivers and rainwater for later use in irrigating agricultural fields. A dam is a structure that is built across a river to hold water. When a dam is built, the lives of those who live nearby are inextricably linked to it.

Popular Name of Multipurpose Projects

Dams are called multipurpose projects because the water stored by them serves many purposes, such as

  • Water supply for domestic use
  • Water supply for industrial use
  • Generation of electricity
  • Fish breeding
  • Flood control
  • Inland navigation

Dams not only provide them with water for use, but they are also well-managed structure that protects them from disasters such as floods. Indira Sagar Multipurpose Project, Bargi Multipurpose Project, Tawa Multipurpose Project, Omkareswar Multipurpose Project, and others are examples of multipurpose projects.

Famous Multipurpose Projects in India

Below we have mentioned some famous dams in India.

  • The highest Dam in India is Tehri Dam, Uttrakhand. It is made on the Bhagirathi River.
  • The longest Dam in India is Hirakund Dam, Odisha. It is made on the Mahanadi River.
  • The Oldest Dam in India is Kallanai Dam, Tamil Nadu. It is made on the Kaveri River.

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