What is the Full Form of a UTR Number?

By Ritesh|Updated : December 26th, 2022

The Unique Transaction Reference number is the full form of the UTR number. In India, every fund transfer transaction is assigned a UTR number. A UTR number is a reference number used to identify an IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS transaction. Every Indian bank employs UTR numbers for local money transfers. The UTR number is easily discovered on the NRI savings account statement. The statement can also be downloaded or viewed, and the UTR number is a 16 or 22-character number located next to the transaction date.

Full Form of UTR Number

UTR stands for Unique Transaction Reference. It is the reference number for every fund transfer transaction in India. The UTR code is written in the following format: BANKRCYYYYMMDDNNNNNNNN


  • BANK = Bank Code (eg: HDFC, ICICI, SBIN)
  • R = RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • C = Channel code (eg: 9 for RTGS)
  • YYYY = Year code (eg: 2017)
  • MM = Month code (eg: 02 for February)
  • DD =Day (eg: 15 for 15th February)
  • NNNNNNNN = 8-digit unique transaction code

If your NRI account has been debited but the beneficiary has not received the money, use the UTR and call the bank's customer service team. It would assist the bank in tracing the transaction. The UTR number facilitates and speeds up the transaction procedure in India.

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FAQs on Full Form of a UTR Number

  • UTR stands for Unique Transaction Reference. UTR number helps to identify bank transactions, and all banks in India use UTR numbers for money transfer. Moreover, it is also helpful when you wish to transfer money using an NRI account, as it speeds up the process.

  • The UTR number of NEFT transactions is 16 characters long, and this number can be used to track the status of the transaction. It is a highly beneficial tool for the person who wants to transfer money quickly.

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