What do you Understand by Stock of Resources?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 6th, 2022

The stock of resources or simply 'stock resources' are those resources which are termed as non-renewable resources as they can be easily used up or dispensed. Their quantity is expressed generally not as rates but in absolute amounts. One of the best examples of such resources is coal and petroleum reserves.

Water can also be considered as a good example of such resources, which can be used as a great resource for energy production but right now is not being utilized in that way due to possible technological unavailability. These resources can therefore be classified as 'understock'.

Types of Resources

  • Potential Resources - the potential of such resources has been identified but is not being used yet. They have been kept safe for future use. Certain unavailability of resources and knowledge or lack of innovation and facilities can also be the reason behind not using these resources.
  • Developed Resources - the potential, quality and quantity of these resources have been recognized and assessed as well and are being utilized.
  • Reserved Resources - these types of resources, as the name suggests, are reserved for future use, and all their quality and quantity have been recognized but are being kept safe for the future, although all the required technology and facilities are available.

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  • The two best examples of stock resources are coal and petroleum reserves.

  • There are three types of resources available: potential, developed and reserved.

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