Why is Resource Planning Important for a Country like India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Resource Planning is important for a country like India because certain regions of the country have ample resources and are self-sufficient and independent. There are other situations, though, where there is a shortage of vital resources, necessitating resource planning. At all levels, including regional, national, local, and state, proper and balanced resource planning is crucial, particularly in growing nations like India.

Importance of Resource Planning for India

Since India has the second largest population in the world, it is crucial to implement resource planning in India. Planning effectively is crucial for the efficient administration and growth of developing countries like India. By planning our utilization and distribution of resources, we can ensure that the majority can benefit from them.

Moreover, balanced resource planning is important when it comes to areas where resources are scarce and depend on outside causes for the same. Resource planning, which is required at all levels, is the strategy or planning for the effective exploitation of resources. The following are some benefits:

  • Reduction in the wastage of resources
  • Identification of different resources in the country
  • Conservation of the non-renewable resources

What is Resource Planning?

Resource planning is a difficult process that includes identifying and cataloging resources across the nation’s regions. Surveying, mapping, resource estimation, and measurement are all part of this process. The government of a nation must make it a priority to ensure that resources are utilized judiciously and saved for future generations as well.

Here are a few more reasons that prove why Resource Planning is essential for India:

  • Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh all have large mineral and coal deposits.
  • Although Arunachal Pradesh has abundant water resources, infrastructure development has not advanced significantly.
  • Rajasthan has a water shortage despite having abundant solar and wind energy.
  • Ladakh has a rich cultural history despite lacking infrastructure, water, and some essential minerals.

Define Resource Planning

Resource planning is the process of identifying, forecasting, and allocating various business resources to projects at the proper time and cost. It also ensures that resources are used effectively and efficiently across the board for the organization.

The art of effective resource management involves the following steps.

  • Resources are identified and inventoried.
    Developing a planning system with the necessary institutional infrastructure, technical know-how, and expertise to carry out resource development strategies.
  • Matching the plans for resource development with the overall objectives for national development.
  • For a nation like India, where the variety of resources available is immense, resource planning is important.

Hence, Resource Planning is a strategic method for ensuring that resources are used efficiently across a single project or a portfolio of tasks. When implemented correctly, organizations can use resources as efficiently and optimally as possible without under or overusing any one resource.

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