What are the Main Causes of Urbanisation?

By Durga Prashanna Mishra|Updated : August 2nd, 2022

The main causes of Urbanisation are industrialization, commercialization, rural-urban transformation, changes in the mode of living, employment opportunities, social benefits, etc. Urbanisation is a process where the population shift from rural to urban areas due to various factors. Due to this, the number of people living in urban areas increases rapidly. Another major reason for Urbanisation is that towns and cities have achieved better political, economic, and social environments as compared to rural areas.

Main Causes of Urbanisation

We have mentioned the causes of Urbanisation with a brief explanation below.

  • Industrialization- due to the industrial revolution, many people are shifting to urban areas from rural areas for better employment opportunities. Industrialization makes it easier for people to get employment opportunities and work in the modern sectors that support economic developments as well.
  • Commercialization- as compared to rural areas, urban areas offer better commercial opportunities. The distribution of goods and services in the modern era has driven modern marketing institutions.
  • Social Benefits and Services- the urban areas offer numerous social benefits such as better education, better sanitation, better living standards, and health care which lead to better social life in general. In rural areas, there is a lack of social benefits and services, so people are shifting to urban areas.
  • Better Employment Opportunities- as we have mentioned above, there are ample job opportunities in the urban areas. People seek a better livelihood which is the reason why they frequently shift to urban areas. In urban areas, there are countless employment opportunities in sectors such as education, transportation, health, industries, sports, and business enterprises.
  • Modernization- is a crucial factor in the process of modernization. The urban areas are becoming more tech-savvy with highly sophisticated medical facilities, communication, enlightenment, infrastructure, and other social amenities. Many people think that they can lead a better life in cities. In addition, people embrace changes in the modes of living such as dressing, food, habits, etc., so urban areas see a growing number with each passing day.
  • Rural-Urban Transformation- Rural areas adopt the urban culture and eventually become urban areas, and this is called rural-urban transformation. Due to this, better employment opportunities, infrastructure, education, and transportation can be seen in rural areas. This increases productivity and economic growth.

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FAQs on What are the Main Causes of Urbanisation?

  • industrialization, commercialization, employment opportunities, social benefits, modernization, and rural-urban transformation were the main causes of Urbanisation.

  • The 5 effects of Urbanisation include housing problems, overcrowding, unemployment, water and sanitation problems, and traffic congestion.

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