Who is the Second Citizen of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Vice President is the second citizen of India as per the Order of Precedence. According to their rank and position within the Indian government, the Order of Precedence is a list of authorities and functionaries. According to this list, the president is the first Indian citizen, followed by the vice president.

Second Citizen of India

After the President, the Vice President holds the second-highest constitutional post, and he or she comes first in the line of succession to the presidency. As the ex-officio head of the Rajya Sabha, the Vice President is also a member of the Indian Parliament. The Vice President is chosen in accordance with the procedures outlined in Article 66 of the Indian Constitution.

Post Rank
President 1st
Vice-President 2nd
Prime Minister 3rd
Governor of Every State in India 4th
Former Presidents 5th

By employing the proportional representation system with single transferable votes and a secret ballot, the Vice President is indirectly elected by members of an electoral college made up of members of both Houses of Parliament rather than by state legislative assembly members. He serves as the Central University of India’s chancellor.

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