What is Oilzapper Used for?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

An oilzapper is used for removing the oil by using a bio-remediation method. Oilzapping is a method for cleaning up significant oil spills from a surface. This method involves releasing bacteria that consume hydrocarbon compounds found in waste hydrocarbon and crude oil. By gradually converting the compounds into carbon dioxide and water, Oil zapper eliminates all potentially harmful substances.

What is Oilzapper?

Oilzapper is a patented light brown powder made of four different bacteria that are a cocktail created by Dr. Banwari Lal’s team at TERI to break down these hydrocarbons. The powder may be applied to both land and water.

This technology, which has a patent held jointly by ONGC and TERI Biotech Ltd, was employed in the 2010 near-Mumbai major oil spill.

Uses of Oilzapper

Five distinct bacterial strains are immobilized and then released onto the oil spill in an oil zapper along with a carrier substance. One of the most well-known applications of oil zapper in India was the cleanup of the Mumbai shoreline following an oil spill in August 2010. An oil zapper can be used for the following purposes:

  • To clear up shorelines after major oil spills.
  • To clear out the hydrocarbon waste generated by oil refineries.
  • To reduce the impact of harmful oil spills on the environment by converting the harmful compounds into simple carbon dioxide and water.

Hence, oil zapper is an extremely useful eco-friendly technique that allows us to remediate oil spills and sludges.

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