Write any two Reasons for Land Degradation Today

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The two important reasons for land degeneration today include manmade and natural factors. These include overuse of pesticides, overgrazing, landslides, overuse of chemical fertilisers, rain wash, deforestation, and pesticides. These circumstances reduce soil fertility. Deforestation is thought to be the main reason for the degradation of the land among all of these other factors.

Two Reasons for Land Degradation

Land degradation is the term used to describe the phenomenon of declining soil fertility. In India, soil loss has been caused by direct or indirect human intervention. The following are some of the key causes of land degradation:

  • Soil pollution: The impurities in the quality of the soil are known as soil pollution.
  • Soil Erosion: Cutting off trees or natural disasters sometimes leads to the removal of the upper layer of the soil. This is termed soil erosion.
  • Overgrazing: The cattle overgraze a particular part of the land resulting in barren land.
  • Extraction of minerals at a repeated stage: Many extraction processes are conducted in various parts of the country. Extracting minerals from a specific area repeatedly results in land degradation.
  • Drought: Scarcity of water or drought conditions is also responsible for Land degradation.

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