Why was Margie Disappointed?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Margie was disappointed because she had hoped the County Inspector would take her mechanical teacher with him to repair it. Once Tommy’s mechanical teacher developed a snag, she thought she would not have to study for a long time, but her dreams didn’t fulfill as the county inspector fixed it.

Disappointment of Margie

Margie was unhappy since she had hoped they would take away and remove the mechanical teacher. Tommy’s instructor had once been removed from the classroom for over a month due to a total blank in the history section. But Margie’s instructor was back to normal in no time.

She hated her school because school teachers taught on a big black screen. Apart from this, she also hated that part where Margie had to put their homework on the school ground.

  • Margie was also disappointed since she had hoped the County Inspector would bring her mechanical instructor with him to fix it.
  • The last time Tommy’s mechanical teacher had a problem, it had been taken away for a month.
  • The County Inspector, however, immediately made the necessary repairs.
  • She had hoped she wouldn’t need to study for a few days, but her wish never came true and turned into disappointment.


Why was Margie Disappointed?

The reason behind Margie’s disappointment is that she hoped that the County inspector would take Margie along with him to the mechanical teacher. Margie did not like her big modern school where the teachers taught on big black screens. When her mechanical teacher had a problem, the County Inspector fixed it quickly, which was a huge disappointment.

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