What is Full form NIA?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Full Form of NIA is the National Investigation Agency. It is the central counter-terrorism agency of the Government of India, reporting to the Ministry of Home Affairs. In 2008, the National Investigative Agency was established by an Act of the Parliament of India. The National Investigation Agency is India’s only task force tasked with preventing terrorist acts.

Full Form of NIA

NIA stands for National Investigation Agency. Without specific approval, the agency is authorized to investigate terror-related offenses across Indian states. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a special proclamation to the agency.

Because it is a fully federal agency that functions similarly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the NIA is considered more powerful than the CBI. The officers working under NIA have the same powers as police officers when investigating any crime. Moreover, the government must provide NIA with all the required support when investigating any terrorist activities or offenses.

Authority of NIA

The agency has the authority to investigate the following offenses:

  • Unlawful attacks against computers, networks, or cyber-terrorism
  • Human trafficking
  • Crimes under the Explosive Substances Act of 1908
  • Manufacture or sale of restricted arms
  • Offenses related to fake bank notes or currency

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