What is Urban Local Government?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Urban Local Government refers to the small-scale urban local bodies (ULBs) that govern and look after the administrative concerns of a small town or town. The types of urban local bodies providing facilities to cities and towns are Municipal Corporations for big cities, Municipalities for small towns, Notified area committees, Town area committees, Cantonment Board for citizens residing in cantonment areas, Townships, Port Trusts, Special Purpose Agencies.

Urban Local Government

Urban local governments operate at the local level and are elected by the people. Thus, representing a democratic system at the grassroots level. Urban local governments are further divided into officers such as commissioners, councils, and standing committees.

Urban local governments function as self-governing local bodies that directly address civic problems. They can provide civic amenities that contribute to the development of cities, and they can also help with the administrative aspect of governance.

The governance of an urban area by the people through their elected representatives is referred to as the urban local governments. The 74th Constitutional Amendment Act of 1992 granted constitutional status to the local urban bodies.

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