Why Coriolis Force is Maximum at Pole?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Coriolis Force is maximum at the pole as it is directly proportional to the latitude angle. The imaginary horizontal lines on Earth are known as latitudes. The Earth’s surface twists beneath it due to the planet’s rotation as the latitude at which the freely moving entities are discovered increases.

Reason for Maximum Coriolis Force at Pole

As the latitude increases, the Coriolis effect of force also increases simultaneously. Coriolis Force is highest at the poles and is missing or zero at the equator.

  • Coriolis effect is an inertial force. The existence of this force is due to the rotation of the Earth.
  • If the Earth stops rotating on its axis, this effect is non-existent.
  • The rotation of the Earth about its axis influences the movement of the wind. This force is called the Coriolis force.
  • Coriolis forces are nominal for small and slow-moving objects like people, cars, etc.
  • The Coriolis effect is visible only to huge, fast, long-distance things.
  • The Coriolis force, which operates on moving objects in a frame of reference that rotates relative to an inertial frame, is a fictitious or inertial force in physics.
  • It is responsible for weather patterns on a large scale.
  • The force acts to the left of the motion of the object in a reference frame that is rotating clockwise.
  • The Coriolis effect describes the deflection pattern taken by objects which are not glued to the ground firmly as they travel for long distances.

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