What is Special about the Botanical Garden?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

A special thing about the Botanical Garden is that many different plant species from throughout the world are kept here. A botanical garden maintains a variety of other plant species from all over the world, as well as collections of specialty plants like herb gardens and more.

Specialty of Botanical Garden

A botanical garden, also known as a botanic garden, is a space where a variety of plants are collected, preserved, grown, and displayed. Here are a few interesting facts about Botanical gardens:

  • On the labels in these gardens, the botanical names of these plants are frequently used to identify them.
  • It might contain herb gardens, specialized plant collections of cacti and plants indigenous to particular parts of the world, and so forth.
  • They also have related herbaria and research programs in plant taxonomy or another branch of botany.
  • Botanical gardens are frequently managed by universities or other institutions of higher learning.
  • It might consist of greenhouses and shade houses that house specialized collections of exotic, alpine, or tropical plants.
  • In addition to guided tours, educational exhibits, art exhibitions, book rooms, outdoor theatrical and musical performances, and other entertainment, the majority are at least partially available to the public.


What is Special About the Botanical Garden?

The Speciality of the Botanical Garden is that Various plant species from all over the world are placed in it. It may include collections of specialized plants like herb gardens and specialty plants. Lastly, herbaria and research programs in botanical science are frequently related to botanical gardens, which universities or other scientific research institutions often manage.

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