Who were Marianne and Germania? What was the Importance of the Way in Which they Were Portrayed?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Marianne and Germania were two rhetorical figures from France and Germany respectively. These figures were redefined as national figures, representing the nation and the people of the nation. The significance of the way in which the figures of Marian and Germania were depicted is Marian, wearing a red Phrygian hat, and a cockade is an important Republican symbol. The features associated with the figure of Germania – the oak crown, armor with eagles, olive branches around the sword, etc., reflect a nationalist spirit.

Marianne and Germania and its Importance

Marianne and Germania remain important national figures for the respective countries of France and Germany. Get a brief description of Marian and Germania from the table below:

Marianne Germania
The personification of the French Republic. The personification of the German nation.
Constructed at the time of the French Revolution. First built during the Roman era, and re-established as the ‘Mother of the Nation’ around the year 1500.
It is displayed in many public places such as the Town Hall and the Law Court. Revered as a national figure.
Marianne wears a cockade and a red cap. Wears a crown of Oak leaves.
Represents the values of “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity” Broken chains are a symbol of freedom, oak leaves are a symbol of valor, and a sword is a symbol of power.

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