Who is the Present Chairman of the National Commission on Farmers?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Present Chairman of the National Commission on Farmers is Shri MS Swaminathan. National Commission for Farmers was established on November 18, 2004, and has submitted 5 different reports. MS Swaminathan, also known as the Father of the Green Revolution in India, has contributed a lot to agriculture in India. He is an agricultural scientist and eminent geneticist. He changed Indian agriculture to a great extent.

Present Chairman of the National Commission on Farmers

In the midst of the Bengal famine in 1943, MS Swaminathan enrolled in medical school. He was originally against agricultural research, but he changed his mind after learning about the Bengal Famine’s horrors. At Maharaja’s College in Trivandrum, he completed the post-graduate Zoology program and earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science.

  • He completed postgraduate coursework in genetics and plant breeding.
  • Despite having passed the UPSC exams and being chosen for the IPS, he chose to accept a scholarship to the Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands to conduct potato genetics research.
  • The School of Agriculture at Cambridge University is where he earned his doctorate.
  • In 1954, he went back to India and carried on his research at IARI.
  • The Green Revolution, an initiative of Shri MS Swaminathan, refers to a series of steps and technological transfers in the agricultural sector that caused a large increase in farm productivity.
  • Among the steps taken were developing high-yielding varieties of cereals and developing pest-resistant crops using hybrid seeds with improved genetics.


Who is the Present Chairman of the National Commission on Farmers?

Shri MS Swaminathan is the current Chairman of the National Commission on Farmers. It was founded on November 18, 2004. During his tenure as ICAR’s director general, which lasted from 1972 to 1979, he established India’s National Authority for Plant, Animal, and Fish Genetic Resources.

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