Which of the Following is a Physical Change? 1. Volcanic Eruption 2. Rusting of Iron 3. Formation of Curd 4. Melting of Ice

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Updated on: March 26th, 2023

The Melting of Ice is a Physical Change. Physical change is the change that happens when a substance changes from one state to another. In the instance of melting ice, it changes from solid to liquid form. The other three are an example of chemical change. Volcanic eruption, iron rusting, and curd formation are all examples of chemical change.

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What is Physical Change?

A physical change can be described as a change that involves changes in state. Boiling water and Ice melting into water involve changes in their states. Hence, they are an example of this type of conversion. In this process, a state can change from a solid to a liquid state or a gas state and vice versa.

  • Physical changes the physical properties of an object. These properties may include texture, shape, size, etc.
  • Physical changes can be defined as the change when there are no changes occurring in the chemical composition of an object or a substance.
  • Physical changes may include cutting, bending, melting, welding, freezing, boiling, etc.

While undergoing physical change, there is also a change in physical properties. On the other hand, in chemical change, the composition of a substance changes, and a physical change may or may not occur.


Which of the following is the Physical Change?

Physical change happens in the Melting of Ice. The reason why the melting process of ice is a physical change is because the ice is transforming from one state to another. The ice changes from solid to liquid form which is a physical change. On the contrary, the other three options are chemical changes, where the composition of the object or substance changes. These are different ways in which objects can be altered.

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