Who is the Head of the Municipal Corporation?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Head of the Municipal Corporation is the Mayor. The role of the Mayor is functional as the Commissioner has the executive powers. In addition to serving as the city’s ceremonial First Citizen, the Mayor also serves as the meeting chair for the Corporation.

The Deputy Mayor is chosen by the Mayor in accordance with the Municipal Corporation Act of 1888, as amended. Each of the mayor and deputy mayor’s terms in office is five years. They are, therefore, qualified to manage municipal corporations.

Head of the Municipal Corporation

The mayor leads the Municipal Corporation. The Municipal Commissioner has executive authority and is appointed by the State Government. The Mayor chooses a Deputy Mayor, and each of them serves for a period of 5 years.

Municipal Corporations are the urban local bodies that work to develop the metro cities in India, with more than 1 million population. The major objectives of the Mayor are as follows:

  • To approve the rules and policies that are made by the Council.
  • The Mayor has the power to suspend the Aldermen, i.e. the members of the Municipal Corporation.
  • Besides, the Mayor is also responsible for creating a connection between the State Government and the Corporation.

Functions of Municipal Corporation

Furthermore, the 12th Schedule, added by 74the amendment of the Indian Constitution, consists of provisions concerning Municipal Corporations and Municipalities.

The functions of the Municipal Corporation include the following:

  • Water supply
  • Social and Economic Development
  • Sanitation, Public health, and hygiene
  • Urban Poverty Alleviation
  • Fire services
  • Urban planning

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