Who is the Head of Lok Adalat?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Head of Lok Adalat is the Chairman who is a member of the judiciary. Its members also include a social worker and a lawyer (advocate). Lok Adalats provide a speedy resolution to the parties, and most cases are resolved in a single day. The Lok Adalat consists of a chairperson, two members, and a social worker.

Head of Lok Adalat

A Lok Adalat is an alternative method of resolving disputes. The National Legal Services Authority and other Legal Services Institutions hold Lok Adalats. It is a place where issues or disputes that cannot be settled amicably in court are resolved.

There is a chairperson, two members, and a social worker in the Lok Adalat. The chairman must be a judge, either now serving or recently retired. The other two should both be attorneys.

Benefits of Lok Adalats

  • The 1908 Code of Civil Procedure and the 1872 Indian Evidence Act do not have a strict scope of application.
  • The Lok Adalats move quickly because of their adaptability.
  • The Lok Adalat award has the same legal standing as a civil court decision following the filing of a joint compromise petition.
  • The judgment is legally binding.
  • If the dispute is settled through Lok Adalat, there will be no court fee, and if one has already been paid, it will be reimbursed.


Who is the Head of Lok Adalat?

A Chairman who is a member of the judiciary is the Head of Lok Adalat. Lok Adalat was established as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism used in India to resolve disputes/grievances outside of courts and is a Statutory Organization under the Legal Services Authorities Act, of 1987.

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