Who is the First Chairman of UPSC?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The First Chairman of UPSC was Ross Barker, who joined the Union Public Service Commission in October 1926 and retired in August 1932. When the public service commission was established, Sir Ross Barker was the first to assume the chairmanship. The UPSC CSE Exam is one of many exams that the legally established UPSC administers. The President of India appoints the Chairman of the UPSC.

First Chairman of UPSC

Ross Barker served as the Union Public Service Commission’s first chairman when it was established in 1926. The chairman of the UPSC and its members serve terms of six years or until they reach the age of 65.

Till 2021, 32 UPSC Chairman were appointed by the President of India.

  • First Chairman of UPSC (Indian) – H. K. Kripalani
  • First Chairman of UPSC (Female)- Rose Millian Bathew (Kharbuli)

The current Chairman of UPSC is Dr. Manoj Soni. He took over the position on 5 April 2022, replacing Mr. Pradeep Kumar Joshi.

Constitutional Provisions for UPSC Chairman

Extensive provisions regarding the UPSC’s composition, function, appointment, removal, etc., are contained in Articles 312 to 323 of the treaties. Given below are a few of the Important Articles of Indian Constitution that present set constitutional provisions for the UPSC Chairman.

  • Article 315: A Public Service Commission for the Union shall exist, subject to the limitations of this article.
  • Article 316: Members’ appointment and terms of office.
  • Article 317: Termination and suspension of Public Service Commission members.
  • Article 318: Authority to enact rules governing the working conditions of the Commission’s staff and members.

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