Who is called the Father of Political Science?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Aristotle is called the father of Political Science. It is a discipline that aims to evaluate the success of governance. Hence, it ensures that the government’s policies are made by considering the citizens’ economic growth, public wealth, justice and stability. Aristotle brought light to essential subjects such as the Ideal state, revolution, slavery, education, forms of government, citizenship, the theory of constitution etc.

Father of Political Science

Aristotle was a famous Greek philosopher who came to be known as the father of Political Science. According to him, such subjects are essential to learning more about our surroundings. His contribution to the field of political science is significant. He was the one who gave a proper definition of ‘Political Science’.

  • Aristotle gave the famous quote – Everyman is a social and political animal.
  • He also threw some light on the concept of the ideal state.
  • There were other topics of interest, such as citizenship, slavery, education, the theory of the golden mean, revolution, forms of government, the theory of the constitution, etc.
  • Aristotle was the one to put forward the idea of social awareness among human beings.
  • He stressed the importance of people being aware of their surroundings and environment.

However, not all his views are celebrated. He was still backward about his views towards women and had his own biases.


Who is called the Father of Political Science?

The father of political science is considered to be Aristotle for his valuable contribution to the field of political science. He was the first to devise a working definition for the discipline and gave it the status of a dynamic branch of science.

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