Who is the Father of Indian Journalism?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

James Augustus Hickey is considered the Father of Indian Journalism. Along with the Calcutta General Advertiser, he founded India’s first newspaper, the Bengal Gazette, in 1780. The newspaper was published for only two years before the British government confiscated it in 1782 due to strong criticism of the Raj.

Father of Indian Journalism

Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, the country of India’s first printed newspaper, was established by Irishman James Augustus Hicky. Around 1740, Hicky was born in Ireland. He moved to London when he was a young man to work as an apprentice for Scottish printer William Faden.

  • Hicky obtained a clerkship with English lawyer William Davy instead of claiming his freedom from the printers’ guild.
  • Hicky left his legal career at some point, and in 1772, he boarded an East Indiaman as a surgeon’s mate headed for Calcutta after making a brief attempt to practice medicine in London.
  • Hicky was put in jail for his criticism, but despite this, the newspaper gained popularity among British troops stationed in India at the time and inspired Indians to launch their own periodicals.
  • This would lay the groundwork for Indian independence.
  • The Irishman named James Augustus Hicky published the first printed newspaper in India and Calcutta in 1780 as the tide of free speech and thought swept the globe.
  • The weekly Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, which had four pages, cost one rupee.


Who is the Father of Indian Journalism?

In India, James Augustus Hicky is regarded as the father of journalism. In addition to the Calcutta General Advertiser, he founded the Bengal Gazette, India’s first newspaper, in 1780. The British government only permitted the newspaper to be published for two years before seizing it in 1782 due to its harsh criticism of the Raj.

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