Who was known as the Napoleon of India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Samudragupta is known as the Napoleon of India. He was the second emperor of the Gupta dynasty. He expanded his military and political power during his era (335 CE to 375 CE). Due to this, famous historian V.A. Smith named him Napoleon of India. Harisena, the famous poet and courtier of Samudragupta, wrote a book named Prayag Prashti about him. According to the book, Samudragupta acquired many kingdoms in the country.

Napoleon of India

As mentioned earlier, Samudragupta is popularly known as Napoleon of India. He expanded his military resources and political power quickly. At a time, all the kingdoms from the Himalayan ranges to southeast India were his tributaries. He was succeeded by Chandragupta II.

As per the Eran Stone inscription, historians found information about the Military power of the second emperor of the Gupta dynasty. It is said that Samudragupta’s enemy kings got terrified when they saw him in their dreams.

Titles Similar to Napoleon of India

According to various media sources and old books, we have found that there are several personalities who have titles related to Napoleon of India. Here are some.

  • Samudragupta is known as Napoleon of India (335-375).
  • Rajendra Chola 1 is commonly known as Napoleon of South India and South East Asia (1014 -1044).
  • Gangya Dev has the title of Napoleon of West India (1010 – 1041)
  • General Zorawar Singh was known as Little Napoleon of India.


Who is Called the Napoleon of India?

Napoleon of India is a title that is given to Samudragupta as he never lost a war during his administration. According to a book written by his courtier Harisen (famous poet), Samudragupta enlarged his power exponentially and kept his enemies terrified. He was succeeded by the great Chandragupta II, who has his own iconic legacy.

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