Explain the Treaty of Vienna of 1815

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Treaty of Vienna of 1815 was officially signed agreeing to work together and create a solution for Europe. It was signed between the allied nations of Austria, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia. The main objective of this treaty was to reverse all the changes that the Napoleonic Wars had brought to Europe. Along with that, the restoration of the monarchies spoiled by Napolean was also one of the major objectives of the treaty.

Treaty of Vienna of 1815

The Austrian Empire, the Kingdom of Denmark, and the Kingdom of Prussia signed the Treaty of Vienna in Vienna on October 30, 1864. The treaty ended the Second Schleswig War. The duchies of Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg were ceded by Denmark. In a federation, they would be jointly controlled by Prussia and Austria.

According to the terms of the Treaty of Vienna:

  • The Bourbon family was restored to power whereas France lost many of its territories earlier seized by Napolean.
  • France lost the contracts made by Napoleon.
  • In the north, the Netherlands was established, and in the south, Piedmont included Genoa.
  • A number of states were set up at the boundaries of France to prohibit any future expansion.
  • Northern Italy was transferred to Austria.
  • New lands were granted on the western border of Prussia.

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