Who Founded Paramahansa Mandali?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Paramahansa Mandali was founded by Durgaram Mehtaji, Dadoba Pandurang, and a group of his friends in 1849. It was the first of what might be described as a secret socio-religious organization that primarily worked to reform Hinduism as a whole. The Paramahansa Mandali was led by Dadoba Pandurang. He was formerly affiliated with the 1844-founded Manava Dharma Sabha, which was another such society.

Founder of Paramahansa Mandali

Dadoba Pandurang, who was initially associated with the Manav Dharma Sabha, had marked out some principles for the same in Dharma Vivechan in 1848. After he left and assumed leadership of the Paramahansa Mandali, he again laid out certain principles called Paramhansik Brahmyadharma.

It was established in 1849 and was the first socio-religious institution in Maharashtra. These Mandali’s founders held a monotheistic belief, which means that there is only one good that must be worshipped. They were mainly concerned with disobeying and breaking caste laws that they considered unfair and inhuman. Therefore, the members consumed food prepared by members of lower castes during their meetings which were in accordance with their beliefs. The Mandali supported widow remarriage and women’s education.

Principles of Paramahansa Mandali

  • God alone should be worshipped.
  • Real religion is formed on the basis of moral behavior and love.
  • The right knowledge should be imparted to all equally.
  • Humankind is one caste.
  • Our speech and action should be based on reason.
  • Each individual should be given freedom of thought.
  • There is only one spiritual religion.

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