Who discovered Lothal in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

S.R. Rao discovered Lothal in India who was an archaeologist. The initial excavation at Lothal was done in 1957. It is a small, well-established Harappan village in the Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, close to the Gulf of Khambhat. Like Mohenjo-Daro, Lothal means “mound of the dead.” Lothal in Gujarat is situated close to the Gulf of Khambhat between the Bhogavo and Sabarmati rivers. Planning for the environment of the city of Lothal.

Founder of Lothal in India

The city, which is 4,500 years old, was geometrically planned. It was laid out in a grid form with drainage systems and regular roadways intersecting at right angles. The emphasis on cleanliness is evidenced by the discovery of latrines and jars that resemble lotas, showing that our obsession with washing dates back to the Harappan culture.

The town’s two halves were the upper and lower cities. Bathing platforms are indicated by wide streets, drains, and brick wall ruins.

Discovery of Lothal in India

A rectangle basin was found in Lothal, which was supposed to be a shipyard. It is 218 meters long and 37 meters wide, and it is surrounded on all sides by burned bricks.

  • It is unknown if the Indus was India’s first port because the Indus script has not yet been deciphered, contrary to what some historians claim and others dispute.
  • Its importance in trade with other ancient civilizations is suggested by the discovery of seals in other ancient towns.
  • Along with tools and raw materials, there are numerous carnelian beads in various stages of production that show the high level of proficiency possessed by the Lothal bead makers.


Who discovered Lothal in India?

S.R. Rao, an archaeologist is the founder of Lothal in India. It was a commercial hub, and the discovery of seals in other ancient cities indicates the significance of this city in terms of trade with other antiquity civilizations. So many discoveries about the Harappan civilization were led by the archaeologist S.R. Rao.

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