Who introduced Tanka and Jital?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Sultan Iltutmish of Delhi introduced Tanka and Jital. The tanka, a silver coin, and the Jital, a copper coin, served as the foundation for the later coinage of the Sultanate. The invaders introduced the first coins from Iltutmish, which, in addition to Sanskrit letters, also had bulls and lingams.

Founder of Tanka and Jital

Silver Tanka and Copper Jital, the two currencies of the Delhi Sultanate, were introduced by Iltutmish. A 175-gram silver tanka with the name Iltutmish was produced. A gold tanka of the same weight was later released by Balban.

Five dynasties came and went during this time; the Mamluk and Khilji Dynasties were the first to rule. The Sayyids and Lodhis were the last to rule, followed by the House of Tughlaq.

  • The Abbasid Caliph was represented by the kings of the Delhi Sultanate.
  • Iltutmish, the emperor of the third Mamluk dynasty, was responsible for the first introduction of the Tanka and Jital coins.
  • Iltutmish was the one who first brought the “Pure Arabic Coin” to India.
  • The coins bore the inscription, “The Mighty Sultan, Sun of the Empire and the Faith, Conquest-laden, Il-Tutmish,” after he had been invested by the Caliph of Baghdad as the Sovereign Sultan of Delhi.


Who introduced Tanka and Jital?

The Tanka and Jital were first used by Delhi Sultan Iltutmish. Later, the Tanka, a silver coin, and the Jital, a copper coin, formed the foundation of the sultanate’s coinage. The Delhi Sultanate ruled from 1206 to 1526.

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