Who Described the Indian Constitution as Quasi Federal?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

K. C. Wheare described the Indian Constitution as quasi-federal. Quasi Federal means a federal form of government where more power is given to the central government than the state government. India is considered a quasi-federal or semi-federal form of government. The Supreme Court of India has also described the Indian Consitution as Quasi Federal.

Indian Constitution as Quasi Federal

In reality, the Indian Constitution is not truly federal but rather quasi-federal, according to KC Wheare. A state that stands between a unitary state and a federation is said to practice quasi-federalism. It incorporates the positive aspects of both a federal and a unitary government.

However, it’s ambiguous because it doesn’t indicate how strong the center is or how far things have deviated from the ideal “Federal model.” The fact that federal essence of the Constitution has not been diminished by the fact that the center has been given a more significant role than the States.

  • Indian Federalism has been described as Quasi Federal since it contains major federation features and union features.
  • As per Article 1 of the Indian Constitution, India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.
  • As per Morris Jones, the Indian Constitution is bargaining federalism.
  • Granville Austin has described the Indian Constitution as cooperative federalism.
  • On the other hand, Ivor Jennings said the Indian Constitution is far too large and rigid.


Who Described Indian Constitution as Quasi Federal?

The Indian Consitution is described as Quasi Federal by K. C Wheare. In such a form of government, the power is divided unequally into the Centre and State governments. The Centre enjoys more power. With its dual administration, division of powers, written constitution, constitution supremacy, rigidity, independent judiciary, and bicameralism, India’s Constitution forms a federal system of government. It is also described as bargaining federalism and cooperative federalism by some professionals.

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