What is the Greatest Contribution of Derozio?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The greatest contribution of Derozio was his assistance in discussing the ideas for social change that was already in the air. He was a poet from India and the assistant headmaster of Hindu College in Kolkata. Derozio was hired as a history and English literature teacher at the new Hindu College. He was regarded as a great scholar and thinker and quickly gathered a group of intelligent college boys around him.

Greatest Contribution of Derozio

He was one of the first Indian educators to propagate Western learning and science among the young men of Bengal. Besides, he was a radical thinker of his time. He promoted radical ideas and encouraged his pupils to question all authority, as he did not believe in rote learning.

  • Derozio was of mixed Portuguese, Indian, and English ancestry and was widely considered an Anglo-Indian, but he considered himself Indian.
  • During his lifetime, he was known as the first ‘national’ poet of modern India, and the history of Anglo-Indian poetry is often said to begin with him.
  • His poems, particularly “To India – My Native Land” and “The Fakeer of Jungheera”, are regarded as landmarks in the history of patriotic poetry in India.
  • His poems were influenced by Romantic poets, particularly Lord Byron and Robert Southey.
  • His activities brought a revolution in Bengal, and it was referred to as the Young Bengal Movement, wherein he tried to remove social evils, improve the condition of women and peasants, and promote liberty through freedom of the press, trial by jury, etc.

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