Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right? (A) Right to Property (B) Right to Freedom of Expression (C) Right to Equality (D) Right to Life

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The right to Property is not a fundamental right as per the Indian Constitution. When the constitution was passed in 1950, there were 7 fundamental rights, but later, it was observed that the Right to Property was a hindrance to the country’s development as many people were using the right incorrectly. This became a barrier to achieving socialism and the redistribution of wealth equally among the citizens of India. After a lot of discussions, the right was made to be a legal right and removed from the fundamental rights.

Fundamental Rights in the Indian Constitution

Initially, there were 7 fundamental rights, but in 1978 Right to Property was declared a legal right. The constitution introduces these rights to give all citizens equal protection opportunities. Later, many citizens used the right to property to derail the government policies introduced to minimize inequality among the citizens.

6 Fundamental Rights Enshrined in the Constitution

Fundamental Rights are basic rights incorporated in Part 3 of the Indian Constitution from Articles 12 to 35. All citizens of India are entitled to these fundamental rights necessary to live a dignified life without discrimination based on race, caste, religion, gender, etc. These are enforceable in a court of law. These rights are listed in the table below.

Fundamental Rights Articles
Right to Equality Articles 14-18
Right to Freedom Articles 19-22
Right against Exploitation Articles 23-24
Right to Freedom of Religion Articles 25-28
Cultural and Educational Rights Articles 29-30
Right to Constitutional Remedies Article 32

Another important right that is often mistaken for a fundamental right is the right to vote. Although it is not one of the fundamental rights, it is perhaps one of the most vital democratic rights that ensure our elections are held fairly.

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