What is October Heat?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The October heat is responsible for the rise in the country’s temperature after the monsoon and before winter. Because of heavy rainfall, increased humidity due to cloud cover, and sea waves in coastal areas during the southwest monsoon, most parts of the country experience low temperatures. As the monsoon returns, the humidity drops while the temperature suddenly rises, resulting in the October heat.

Reason for October Heat

October heat refers to the weather phenomenon with a rise in temperature across India in the month of October. It is marked by the movement of the Sun towards the south. The low-pressure trough is weakening over the Northern Plains. It is then replaced by a weakening of the monsoon in the southwest resulting in a high-pressure system.

  • From October to November, the country’s hot rainy season is moving towards dry winter conditions.
  • Clear skies and a rise in temperature mark the retreat of the monsoon.
  • At this time, nights become cooler while daytime temperatures increase.
  • Sometimes, the nights even feel chilly, while the days are pretty warm in October due to the October heat.

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