Where is Mica found in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Mica is found on the northern border of the Chota Nagpur plateau. The central producing area is in the Koderma-Gaya-Hazaribagh belt of Jharkhand. The primary mica-producing region in Rajasthan is located near Ajmer. Nellore mica belt of Andhra Pradesh is another important producer in the country.

Location of Mica in India

A naturally occurring silicate mineral known as mica is a non-metallic mineral. Mica is a highly effective insulator with many uses in the electrical and electronic industries. It can withstand high voltage and has a low power loss factor.

  • It’s used in toothpaste and cosmetics because of how sparkly it looks.
  • It also acts as a light abrasive in toothpaste.
  • India is one of the top mica producers in the world.
  • Mica can be found in igneous rocks from Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Bihar, and AP.
  • India has a near monopoly in this sector, producing 60% of the world’s mica.
  • Production has recently decreased as a result of a decline in demand in the international market.
  • Demand has decreased as a result of the availability of superior synthetic alternatives.
  • The Nellore Mica Belt in Andhra Pradesh is another significant producer.


Where is Mica found in India?

Mica is known to be found around the northern edge of the Chota Nagpur plateau in India. Jharkhand’s Koderma Gaya-Hazaribagh belt is the main region where it is mainly produced. The majority of Rajasthan’s mica is made close to Ajmer. India is one of the major producers of Mica in the world.

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