What is the Raleigh Commission?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Raleigh Commission was created to look at the situation and future of Indian universities and to offer suggestions on how to improve their administrative and organizational frameworks. The 1902 Indian Universities Commission, commonly known by this name, issued a number of significant recommendations, including revisions to university curricula, guidance on academics and tests, and state scholarships.

The Raleigh Commission 1902

Sir Thomas Raleigh established the Raleigh Commission on January 27, 1902, with the goal of examining the present and future of Indian institutions and making suggestions for enhancing their organization and performance.

  • A report on either primary or secondary education was not possible for the Commission.
  • The main objective of the Act was to raise the bar for the system and improve the standard of education in India.
  • The Indian Universities Act was enacted in 1904 as a result of the Commission’s report and recommendations.

Significant Modifications after Raleigh Commission

In addition to academics, universities had the power to select all of their staff members.

  • The terms of the University Act were passed even though there were fewer colleges but significantly more students.
  • A university is only allowed to have between 50 and 100 fellows.
  • The affiliation between universities and colleges as well as the territorial limits of a university may now be decided by the Governor-General.
  • There will be 20 elected fellows for the universities in Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta and 15 for the remaining universities.


What is the Raleigh Commission?

The Raleigh Commission was established to investigate the state of Indian universities and their future prospects, as well as to make recommendations for enhancing their internal structure and operational procedures. Numerous important suggestions were made by the 1902 Indian Universities Commission, also known by this name. These included updates to university curricula, advice on academics and exams, and state scholarships.

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