What Would Happen if there were No Restrictions on the Power of Elected Representatives?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

If there were no restrictions on the power of elected representatives, this could lead to abuse of power by them, which could endanger democracy. It is said that with power comes great responsibility, but if that power comes without any inhibitions, it can have many consequences. A democracy cannot possibly survive with uncontrolled power as it can turn into a dictatorship instead of a – “for the people and of the people government”.

No Restrictions on the Power of Elected Representatives

India is a democracy and a country with a large population. The administration and management of the country are in the hands of civil servants and politicians. Politicians, however, are elected representatives who are brought to power by the people through voting.

  • The Indian Constitution provides certain powers to the government servants which help them to manage the country better.
  • Still, if these powers are not restricted, politicians can misuse these powers, which can cause harm to the country.
  • Therefore, the Constitution also lays down specific rules and guidelines to protect the citizens of India from this possible abuse of power by our political leaders.
  • In a large country like India, unrestricted power can lead to many conflicts and an unstable society.
  • It can also turn democracy into autocracy.

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