What was the Swaraj for the Plantation Movement?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The plantation workers expected Gandhi Raj would grant everyone access to land in their respective villages. This was the Swaraj for the Plantation Movement. The workers interpreted Mahatma Gandhi’s call for Swaraj in different ways. For plantation workers in Assam, the concept of Swaraj meant maintaining their connection to their home villages and having the freedom to enter and exit the limited area where they were employed.

Swaraj for the Plantation Movement

The plantation workers had to take permission before leaving the tea garden. Additionally, it was unusual for plantation workers to obtain leave permission.

  • In accordance with the Inland Emigration Act of 1859, this regulation was enforced.
  • As soon as they came to know about the Non-cooperation Movement, all the employees ran away from the plantation without permission, disobeyed the law and the authorities, and went to their settlement.
  • The plantation workers thought that under Gandhi Raj they would get land in their villages.
  • However, these plantation workers could not reach where they were going. They were left stranded due to a strike called by steamers and railways.
  • The police officers caught the plantation workers, who were then assaulted. However, Congress did not define the goals of these movements.
  • The idea of ​​Swaraj was viewed differently by the plantation workers.

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