What was the Name of the First Ashram set up by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Mahatma Gandhi’s first ashram in India was established on 25 May 1915 in the Kochrab area of ​​Ahmedabad, after his return from South Africa, which was named Tolstoy Farm. The ashram moved to a piece of open land on the river bank at Sabarmati on 17 June 1917. The reason for their shift is that they wanted to experiment with life. For example, farming, cow rearing, animal husbandry, khadi, and other creative activities, due to which they demanded this type of barren land.

Name of the First Ashram set up by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa

It was the ashram site of Dadhichi Rishi mythologically, who donated bones for a war; between a crematorium and a jail, he trusted that a Satyagrahi should always go to either place. Its name, Satyagraha Ashram, refers to Gandhi’s campaign toward passive resistance, and it served as the base for the liberation movement in India.

  • Sabarmati Ashram, so named because of the river, was founded with two goals in mind.
  • To act as a forum for the nonviolent workers who are devoted to helping India achieve freedom and as an institution that would continue the search for the truth.
  • A new truth in social construct and nonviolence was promoted by Gandhi and his followers through the creation of such a vision, and this helped change the preexisting pattern of its kind.


What was the name of the first ashram set up by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa?

The first ashram Mahatma Gandhi established in South Africa was called Tolstoy Farm, and it was situated in the Ahmedabad Kochrab neighborhood on May 25, 1915. Mohandas Gandhi lived in Sabarmati Ashram, also known as the Harijan Ashram, which functioned as the major hub of the Indian freedom struggle from 1917 until 1930.

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