What is the Young One of a Fish Called?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The young one of a fish is called a fry or a fingerling. The answer depends on their stage of development. For instance, when a young fish becomes capable of feeding itself, it is referred to as a Fry. Furthermore, when the young fish develops scales and fins, it is referred to as a Fingerling.

Young One of a Fish

There are different kinds of animals on Earth and the young ones of all these animals are called by different names. The young one of a fish is called a Fry or a Fingerling, depending on the developmental stage. Moreover, there are three main developmental stages of a fish which are mentioned below:

  • Egg Stage – This is the stage where the fertilized eggs develop into fish.
  • Larval Stage – This stage involves the larval fish that live off a yolk sac that is attached to their bodies.
  • Juvenile Stage – This is the stage when the fish spends time developing from fry to a mature adult.

Young fish have reached the stage of development where they can “feed themselves.” They become “juvenile fish” and are referred to or termed “fry or fingerlings” once they have grown “scales and working fins.” Typically, “fingerlings” are around the size of a finger. The “juvenile stage” of the fish lasts until it is “completely developed.” Young fish are mature adult fish that have developed from young larvae fish.


What is the Young One of a Fish Called?

The term given to the young one of a fish is a Fry or a Fingerling. This depends on which stage the fish is at in its development. There are mainly three developmental stages that a fish goes through- the Egg stage, the Larval stage, and the Juvenile stage.

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