What is the Tiger Population in India in 2021?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The tiger population in India in 2021 was 2967. This number was obtained by conducting a survey. It is about 70% of the international tiger population. The population growth rate of tigers is 6% annually, and the total tiger reserves in India have also increased to 53.

The total tiger population in India is decreasing gradually, but the government is taking several measures to expand the tiger population in the upcoming years.

Total Tiger Population in India 2021

The total tiger population in India in 2021 was 2,967 which is spread over 20 states. This number has almost come down compared to the most recent estimate made in 2018. The population is declining due to most the reasons which include:

  • Loss of habitat due to the growth of industries and the felling of trees.
  • Tigers have been captured for illegal trade or poaching.

The tiger reserves in India were established in 1973. National Tiger Conservation Authority administers Project Tiger, which looks after the tiger reserves in India. As of 2018, a total of 50 protected areas have been designated as Tiger Reserves.

The tiger has been officially adopted as the national animal of India on the recommendation of the National Board of Wildlife. Tigers are called tigers or baagh in popular local languages. The tiger is believed to have been present in India for about 12,000 to 16,500 years from the end of the Pleistocene.

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