What is the Significance of the Border Roads?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The significance of Border roads can be understood by their role in aiding movement, improving connectivity, and promoting tourism. The challenging topography of the northeastern and northern border areas is now more accessible to border highways. The economic development of the border areas in the north and northeast has been aided by border roads.

Significance of the Border Roads

A major significance of the border roads is that when these are constructed, residents of border areas will have easy access to hospitals, schools, and other facilities. This will also help in the development of the tourism industry. Most importantly, border roads will contribute to maintaining India’s security. Armed forces can act swiftly in border areas and help protect their borders from external attack thanks to border highways.

The Border Roads Organisation, also known as BRO, was established in 1960 for the construction of important highways in the border areas of the North and North East. In various Indian states, this organization is in existence.

Types of Roads in India

Let us briefly discuss the various road types in India.

  • District Roads: The Zilla Panchayat is responsible for the maintenance of these roads.
  • State Highways: The State Public Works Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of State Highways (PWD).
  • National Highways: The Central Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of these highways (CPWD).
  • Golden Quadrilateral Super Highway: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is in charge of the construction of these roads.

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