Which is the Shortest National Highway in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Shortest National Highway in India is National Highway 548, commonly known as NH 548. It is the national highway of India, which crosses the Indian state of Maharashtra. The national highway has its northern terminus at Karamboli, Navi Mumbai, and its southern terminus at NH 348. It stretches for 3 miles (5 km) and is half the highway.

Shortest National Highway in India

The shortest national highway in India is NH 548, which is equal to NH118. In the state of Jharkhand, the 5-kilometer-long NH 118 runs between the cities of Asanbani and Jamshedpur. The Maharashtra state is crossed by the NH 548 for roughly 5 kilometers.

This new system of naming identifies the direction of National Highways, whether it be East-West (odd numbers) or North-South (even numbers). It also denotes the geographic region where it is located, increasing from East-West and North-South.

  • Earlier, National Highway 47A was the shortest highway in India as it connected only two cities in the Kochi district of Kerala.
  • It is only four miles from Kudanur to Willingdon Island. Now known as NH 966B.
  • Besides National Highway 548, National Highway 118 is the shortest highway (5 km) connecting Asambani and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand.


Which is the Shortest National Highway in India?

NH 548 is the Shortest National Highway in India, and it is commonly referred to as National Highway 548, which transits the Indian states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The north and south ends of this national route are located at Kalamboli and Navi Mumbai, respectively. This is only considered to be half of the roadway because it is only 3 miles (5 km) long.

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