What is Mudaliar Commission?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Mudaliar Commission was an education commission established to investigate India’s secondary education system. Its major goal was to assess the country’s secondary education system and recommend methods to improve it. One of the commission’s principal suggestions, when the report was submitted in August 1963, was that the middle or lower secondary or upper primary level over three years and the upper secondary level cover four years.

Mudaliar Commission

After independence, India required a transformation in the education system. There was a need to care for high school pupils in India because there were more high schools than ever. That is how the Mudaliar Commission came into existence.

Reason for Appointment:

  • Look into the secondary education issue.
  • Secondary education’s goals, structure, and content
  • His link with basic and secondary education.

Provide recommendations for its rearrangement, paying particular attention to:

  • Its relevance to elementary, primary, and secondary education.
  • Education’s goals, structure, and substance.
  • Relationships between secondary schools and other sorts of institutions
  • Another connected concern is ensuring a good and uniform secondary education system across the country that is adequate for our needs and resources.

Priorities of the Mudaliar Commission

  • Activity-based learning.
  • Emphasis on agricultural education.
  • Discussion of the goals of secondary education.
  • Child-centered education.

Disadvantages of the Mudaliar Commission

  • Proposals are rushed, so problems still exist.
  • No new comments on improving the social and economic conditions of teachers.
  • No recommendations regarding the education of women.
  • Still an emphasis on English


What is Mudaliar Commission?

The Mudaliar Commission was an education commission to review the secondary education system in India. Purpose of appointment Investigates the issue of secondary education Objectives, organization, and content of secondary education.

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