What is the Difference Between Green Dustbin and Blue Dustbin?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Green Dustbin and Blue Dustbin is that Green dustbin is used to dump wet waste, while Blue Dustin is used for dumping dry waste. Green dustbin includes biodegradable waste, while blue dustbin contains non-biodegradable waste. The difference is mainly based on the type of waste that is put in these bins. Different colored dustbins are used to segregate the waste from the houses and surroundings.

Difference between Green Dustbin and Blue Dustbin

The key Difference Between Green Dustbins and Blue Dustbins is mentioned below in the table.

Green Dustbin Blue Dustbin
The green dustbin is used to dispose of biodegradable waste or compostable material. The blue dustbin is used to get rid of non-biodegradable waste.
These wastes can be converted into manure for reuse. These wastes can be recycled.
It includes waste from the kitchen, e.g., vegetables, flowers, fruits, etc. It includes materials like aluminum cans, plastic bottles, tetra pack packaging, metals, etc.
Plant and animal wastes are also included in it. Dry waste, e.g., broken glass pieces, newspaper, cardboard, etc., are disposed of in a blue dustbin.

Green Dustbin vs Blue Dustbin

Different kinds of waste include glass, biological, solid, etc. The Green and Blue Dustin segregate the types of waste dumped in them.

  • The municipality uses different colored dustbins to categorize and collect different types of waste systematically.
  • Both these wastes have distinct ways of recycling.
  • Thus, separating them at the ground level will help the management to treat waste in the country conveniently.

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