What is the cause of the Khilafat movement?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The causes of the Khilafat movement are the First World War’s defeat, the imposition of hypotheses and rumors, and the safeguarding of the Caliph’s authority. In the years following World War I, the Khilafat movement was an agitation by Indian Muslims allied with Indian nationalism. The Khilafat movement lasted from 1919 to 1924.

Causes of the Khilafat Movement

In India, the Muslim populace viewed the Sultan as the religious leader. The Khilafat movement was formed by two Ali brothers.

  • Ottoman Turkey was defeated at the end of World War I.
  • A peace deal was supposed to be imposed on the Ottoman Emperor, who was the spiritual Islamic world’s ruler – Caliph.
  • In March 1919, the Khilafat Committee was created in Bombay to defend Khalifa’s early forces.
  • The younger generation of Muslim leaders, such as the brothers Shaukat Ali and Muhammad Ali, began to debate the possibility of united mass action on this problem with Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Gandhiji saw this as a chance to bring Muslims under the umbrella of the “Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movement.”


What is the cause of the Khilafat movement?

One of the main causes of the Khilafat movement arose after World War I ended in defeat, tales spread concerning the severe peace settlement that was imposed, the formation of the Khalifat committee, and the Caliph’s protection of powers. Hakim Ajmal Khan, Mohammed Ali and Shaukat Ali – Maulana Azad, and Hasrat Mohani were the movement’s leaders.

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