What is SMART Governance?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

SMART Governance is about using the right technology to facilitate and support better planning and decision-making within governing bodies. There is a fundamental need for smart cities to establish a strong bridge between the government and its citizens. Smart governance refers to simple, ethical, accountable, accountable, and transparent governance.

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SMART Governance

SMART Governance is a further process of bringing Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent Governance. It also signifies fundamental changes in government functions by including the responsibilities of the executive, legislature, citizens as well as judiciary. The word SMART acts as an acronym here which means the following in detail:

  • Simple: It means simplification of rules and regulations and government processes through the use of ICT, and providing user-friendly government.
  • Moral: to suggest the emergence of a new system of moral values ​​in the administrative and political system. Advancement of technology enhances the efficiency of anti-corruption police, agencies, judiciary, etc.
  • Accountable: Improved design, development, and implementation of highly effective management information systems and mechanisms for measuring performance. This will ensure the accountability of the civil service functionaries.
  • Responsive: Streamlining processes to accelerate service delivery, and make systems more responsive.
  • Transparent: To make the process transparent by bringing the hitherto limited information in government documents into the public domain. It will bring transparency, equality, and rule of law in the response to administrative agencies.

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