What is Meant by Ecotype?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

An ecotype is a distinct type or race of a plant or animal species that attempts to colonise a given habitat. An ecotype, sometimes known as a ‘ecospecies,’ is a geographical variety, population, or race within a certain species that have adapted to diverse environmental conditions, making it slightly different from the original species.

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Meaning of Ecotype

An ‘ecotype’ is a distinct ‘type’ of a specific plant or animal species that have evolved gradually to adapt to specific local environmental conditions and thus differs slightly from the original species. It is also called ecospecies and showcases itself as a genetically different geographical variety or type within the same species.

There are generally two categories of ecotypes which will vary depending on the climatic conditions. An ecotype is a variety with too few or too subtle phenotypic characteristics to be designated as a subspecies.

  • These several variations can coexist in the same geographic area where varied habitats such as meadows, forests, marshes, and sand dunes provide ecological niches.
  • Where similar ecological circumstances exist in widely separated areas, a similar ecotype may exist in the distanced locations.
  • An ecotype is distinct from a subspecies, which can exist in a variety of locales.
  • Ecotypes in animals are distinguished by the effects of a relatively limited environment.
  • As a result, ecotypes have no taxonomic status.

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