What is NWD Transaction in Bank Statement?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

NWD Transaction in Bank Statement means Network Withdrawal, which is when one withdraws money from another bank’s ATM. The Full Form of NWD is Network Withdrawal. It describes a scenario in which you withdraw cash from an ATM or Automated Teller Machine owned by a different bank. The NWD is typically higher than when you withdraw from an ATM at your bank.

NWD Transaction in Bank Statement

The bank statement shows that an NWD transaction occurred when you withdrew money from an ATM from a different bank. Furthermore, if you withdraw money from your own bank’s ATM, the bank statement will indicate it as an ATW transaction.

The terms NWD and ATW are generally used by private banks. Also, the NWD charges typically start at Rs 25, yet, not every account is charged for these transactions.

  • Private banks like HDFC Bank use various terms in their banking networks for automated ATM transactions, including OWD, EAW, ATS, NWD, ATW, AWB, and NFS.
  • When money is taken out of any HDFC Bank ATM, ATW will show up on the statement.
  • The transaction will be recorded as an NWD transaction if you use an ATM other than an HDFC Bank ATM.


What is NWD Transaction in Bank Statement?

In bank statements, NWD stands for Network Withdrawal. It is a term that describes the act of taking money out of an ATM operated by a different bank. As a result, you will incur an additional fee starting at Rs 25, and the NWD transaction will be noted on your bank statement. However, private banks often use different terms for NWD transactions. For instance, in HDFC bank, an NWD transaction is listed as ATW.

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