Why are Resources Distributed Unequally over the Earth?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The resources are distributed unequally over the earth because it depends on multiple physical factors such as the climate, terrain, and even altitude of a place. Therefore, the distribution of natural resources is unequal because these factors differ all over the world. Most of India’s metallic minerals are found in the peninsular plateau region of the country’s older crystalline rocks.

Distribution of Resources on the Earth

Since resources depend on physical elements like climate and geography, they are distributed unevenly worldwide. This is because the climate and other physical factors differ all over the earth. You must have seen how some regions have an abundance of a particular resource, whereas others don’t.

For instance, some regions may have abundant water and frequent floods, and another region might have a drought. This unequal water distribution is an excellent example of the unequal distribution of resources over the earth.

Resources Distributed Unequally Over the Earth

Resources are distributed unequally over the Earth due to a variety of factors:

  • Climate, geology, and topography can create disparities in the distribution of natural resources such as water, minerals, and fertile land.
  • Colonisation and exploitation have led to unequal control and distribution of resources in different parts of the world. Trade policies and globalization have also contributed to the unequal distribution of resources.
  • Ongoing political, economic, and social processes can reinforce existing inequalities in the distribution of resources. This includes issues such as corruption, lack of governance, and inadequate infrastructure.


Why are Resources Distributed unequally over the Earth?

The reason resources are distributed unequally over the earth is that the distribution of resources is primarily determined by physical factors. These physical factors include the climate, terrain and altitude that differ in different regions. Hence, the distribution of resources also varies from region to region.

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