Describe the Structure of a Seminiferous Tubule

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The structure of a seminiferous tubule is in the form of a coiled structure. It is placed in the testicular lobules. Each of the seminiferous tubules is lined by the germinal epithelium on the inside by two different cells, Sertoli cells, and spermatogonia. It is the place of spermatogenesis where germ cells develop into spermatozoa in close interaction with Sertoli cells.

Structure of a Seminiferous Tubule

Within the testes, seminiferous tubules serve as the specific site of meiosis and the subsequent production of male gametes, specifically spermatozoa.

  • The male germ cells called Spermatogonia, using meiotic divisions, produce primary spermatocytes.
  • Primary spermatocytes further undergo meiotic division to form spermatids and secondary spermatocytes.
  • The spermatids are metamorphosed into male gametes, later known as spermatozoa.
  • Sertoli cells, called nurse cells of the testes, nourish the germ cells.
  • Large polygonal cells are interstitial or Leydig cells adjacent to seminiferous tubules. It secretes the male hormone known as testosterone.
  • The seminiferous tubules are where spermatogenesis, the process of creating spermatozoa, occurs.
  • The DNA of spermatogenic cells in the seminiferous tubules is vulnerable to damage during spermatogenesis from things like reactive oxygen species.
  • DNA repair mechanisms guard the genomic integrity of spermatogenic cells.
  • Infertility may result from deficiencies in the enzymes involved in these repair processes.


Describe the Structure of a Seminiferous Tubule

The structure of a seminiferous tubule consists of a coiled tube. These coiled tubes are lined by spermatogonia on the inside and Sertoli cells, which provide molecular signals and nutrition to the germ cells. The testis cords, which develop from the primitive gonadal cords, which develop from the gonadal ridge, give rise to the seminiferous tubules.

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